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Our most popular parts mainly include engine-related components. Since there is a rise in hybrid vehicles, our offered OEM alternators are the prime choice of car owners and repair shops. Modern automobiles require electric motors, and alternators provide the electricity needed to start your engine.

Besides modern parts, we also provide Ford vehicle owners with essential car components, like air filters, exhaust, brakes, oil filters, belts, and hoses. These parts require regular maintenance and replacement to ensure maximum performance and safety. But, replacement parts don't need to be ultra-expensive! Choose your favorite auto component from our inventory of authentic parts and accessories.

Shop Ford Repair Parts

Minimize performance dips and potential damage on your ride by getting repair and maintenance parts from LevittownFordParts. Our online catalog includes essential components for select Ford models. We have a wide array of interior and exterior accessories and different engine and electronic components.

You can shop for door handles, splash guards, and air deflectors to enhance the overall design and functionality of your ride. Additionally, our interior and exterior repair parts will fit your car perfectly, as we have multiple sizes and styles available.

You can also get different engine and electrical components from our online store. We offer timing belts, hoses, ignition parts, and other maintenance parts for your Ford. You can also find different air filters or exhausts in our inventory that will suit your needs.

Specials & Promotions

Are you looking for the best priced exterior accessories for your Ford vehicle? Our catalog includes roof racks that can help maximize your car's overall space. We also offer durable splash guards to provide the utmost protection to your vehicle's wheel system. Grab these cargo racks and mudguards for up to 35% off! Embark on worry-free off-road adventures with OEM exterior accessories.

Take advantage of special discounts when you purchase interior accessories on our website. Choose from high-quality yet affordable cargo organizers in various shapes and sizes to fully maximize your car's storage. Our inventory also features organizers specific for electric car models.

Shop 'n Save

Save big on shift knobs, floor mats, and other Ford accessories! We offer compatible gear knobs for Ford vehicles with manual and automatic transmission to help you experience smoother gear shifts. Aside from complex car parts, we also have simple accessories in our catalog. Although a commonly disregarded accessory, a rubber mat protects your vehicle's interior from dirt, debris, and rust formations. Aside from preventing dirt accumulation, you can also save on unexpected interior repairs.

Here at LevittownFordParts, we offer the best value wheel replacements and accessories. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on aluminum performance wheels. These lightweight alternatives to traditional rims provide better handling and improved fuel economy. Beyond their practical benefits, aluminum wheels enhance your car's exterior due to a shinier design. We also offer lock kits to protect exposed lugs from pollutants. Choose from zinc and chrome-plated wheel locks to prevent damage on your Ford's wheel assemblies.

Trust Guarantee

Entering your VIN number into our system guarantees part fitment for your vehicle. If you enter your VIN and get the wrong part, we'll make it right with no return shipping or restocking fees. We are dedicated to getting you the right part, the first time, every time.

Why Shop With Us?

Most car owners worry about getting the wrong part when purchasing auto components online. But, with our VIN fitment system, you can get the right part, even in your first time buying on our online store. We also employ experts in our team to help choose your Ford vehicle's best replacement parts.

More importantly, we only sell OEM auto parts and accessories to ensure high-quality materials for every car component. We do not include aftermarket and used materials in our catalog to prevent further issues that negatively affect your Ford vehicle's performance. Purchase from our online store and expect the items delivered to your door as soon as possible!

We Sell Quality

All of our parts are factory grade OEM parts. We guarantee that factory direct solution will keep your vehicle running longer and better than ever.

We're Parts Experts

Our parts associates are certified experts when it comes to auto parts and accessories. Their knowledge combined with our VIN fitment system, will guarantee you get the right part.

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We have thousands of parts in stock, ready to be boxed up and shipped straight to your door. Need it in a hurry? No problem, our parts experts are standing by to fulfill your order.